Body Transformations

Conducted over a period of six weeks this program will drastically transform your body and lifestyle.IMG_2549

The process will start with accurate analysis of your start point through Body Composition testing and the creation of a step by step training platform. Included in this process will be nutritional advice and dietary support to guarantee increase in muscle and significant reductions in fat percentage.

Quite simply, it is the path to a new you!


Partner PT sessions and training

We also cater for Partner Personal Training (one trainer to two people).  This can mean you enjoy your training more, push yourselves harder and you enjoy each others success, it can also mean the cost of training is spread between two people which makes it more great value for money.

If you have a friend or partner and you both want to train together then get in touch to see how we can construct a tailored price plan to suit you both.


Select the transformation from the options below:

During the programme we will discuss how to maintain the gains made and personalise an ongoing programme for you.